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Who Is The CEO And Founder Of Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd. ?


JayKay Bak, our Managing Director was born in Denmark. After seeing the world he graduated in 1992 at the age of 28 from Niels Brock Business College in Copenhagen.
Ever since he has been involved in worldwide trading commencing with founding a company in Brazil, then in 1996 moving on to Thailand.
Turning his eyes towards the www & Internet Business, he soon discovered that the
'main wrong' was GREED! Too many companies made $mill while handing out leftovers to the workforce that made them the same $mill. . .
An Idea was born - lets turn around the Status Quo & give, give AND then give some more to the affiliates before feeding the company! It took 8 years to scrutinize, study & fine tune before Unselfish Marketers Co., Ltd. was born . . .
Personal info
My real Danish name is Jens-Kristian but JK or JayKay is just fine since 99.92% of the world can't pronounce my given name correctly anyway. I was born in 1964 and am happily (most of the time LOL) married. On December 28th, 2004 Camilla my baby girl was born.
I pride myself with having a good sense of humor, sarcastic but only in the worst way possible!!! Ooh yeah - in my scarce spare time, I enjoy teaching scuba diving.
Thanks for getting this far - you are a winner :-)


JayKay Bak

CEO & Founder of The Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.



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Our Postal Address Is: JayKay Bak, Moellevej 4i, 4100 Ringsted, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Phone: +45 3696 4888 (Office Hours: 1am-9am EST)

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